Is Your Office Working Hard Enough?

Office Retention Tool

Improving Offices and Conference Rooms to Attract and Retain Talent Much has been said this year about the new shape of the workforce. From “quiet quitting” to “the great attrition,” it’s clear that the labor market is in a much different place post-COVID than it was a few years ago, and workplaces need to adjust…

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Functional Training Goes Beyond Strengthening the Body

Military personnel in training exercise

Combat-Readiness Demands a Holistic Approach to Human Performance. The most common career-ending injuries facing veterans today are not caused by enemy fire. They’re musculoskeletal injuries caused by repetitive motion and physical stresses on a body that has been pushed to its limits, then asked to go even further. According to a recent survey by Statista,…

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The Wasted Time of Range Training

KAFB Firing Range

Technological solutions maximize small arms training efficiency and effectiveness Traditional small arms range training is a stop-and-start process. For each exercise, time is spent sighting, shooting, securing the weapon, walking down to the target, taking notes on the results, walking back, and starting again. For safety, all activity needs to cease every time a student…

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Building Greater Efficiency and Realism into Training Ranges

Special ops shooting range

More intelligent range design helps create more lethal warfighters The goal of combatant training should always be to improve the lethality, survivability, and readiness of the fighters. Unfortunately, many current small arms ranges simply do not service this goal. Outdated technology, poor design, and a lack of automated data collection means that these training ranges…

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What if Your Training Center Was Also a Coach?

Training and Human Performance Gym

Integrating Space and Technology to Close the Readiness Gap Faster There’s a readiness gap between human performance training and actual performance downrange. Creating and maintaining mission-ready operators is imperative. If there’s a disconnect between current human performance facilities and desired outcomes, it can mean the difference between mission success or failure. Today, equipping human performance…

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Bypassing the Challenges of Federal Facility Modernization

Large conference room at Lackland AFB

Outdated spaces put missions at risk, but improvements have been slow in coming. According to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office, nearly 30% of the Defense Department’s roughly 550,000 structures have exceeded their lifespans.[1] At the same time, DOD has a $137 billion “deferred maintenance” backlog, and it’s consistently allocated significantly less funding…

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