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The minute a patient walks into a healthcare facility should be the minute they begin to heal. If your building, technology and processes aren’t aligned, that’s not going to happen. With prefabricated construction integrated with furniture, fixtures, equipment, clinical technology and processes, you can experience projects completed in half the time and at a lower cost, and prepare your spaces for the future.

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Better patient care requires providers to have the equipment they need, when and where they need it. The seconds spent searching for equipment and supplies and the disruption of equipment failure means more than lost margin, it can mean lost lives. From materials management, furniture and fixtures to smart RFID tracking systems, we can align every tool a provider uses in service of the patient. Our equipment planning team’s unique process puts the provider first by designing more effective, more economical tools.

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If technology isn’t working for the people who use it, it’s a burden to your providers and the patients they serve. Our clinical technology systems help where it’s needed most. What if you could know the location of every piece of equipment in your facility in an instant? What if you could get patient statistics remotely in real time? What if, in an instant, you had access to the real prescription history of your patients? Our solutions suite can exponentially save time and improve care.

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