When done right, buildings will build better businesses. But to do so requires an integrated approach; a process in which every timeline, budget, resource, construction method, and procurement vehicle is oriented around the culture, mission and objectives of the organization. From classrooms to war rooms, it’s about time spaces worked harder for the people inside them.

Tierra Adentro of New Mexico Charter School

These prefab interiors enabled TANM to speed up construction and provided an alternative funding mechanism that enabled it to finance the building interior separately.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

The university opted to use prefab interiors that helped minimize disturbances and cost and will allow for future floor plan modifications to meet changing future needs.

Verus Research Headquarters

The combination of modular construction and intelligent reuse of existing walls allowed for faster construction, integration of technology, and an environment that reflects Verus’s unique culture.

NM Dept. of Workforce Solutions Tiwa Building

Government buildings often find themselves victims of bureaucracy when it comes to renovations and upgrades.

BEAR Base Warehouse and Yard Modernization

BEAR Base was committed to sustaining mission readiness but needed to create more storage space within its existing facilities.

Luke AFB TITAN Arena

Thanks to the use of Improve Group’s SBIR Phase III, Luke AFB was able to complete these extensive renovations without the headaches associated with the traditional military construction process.

APS Police Command Headquarters

Protecting Albuquerque’s students by monitoring threats to ensure a secure learning environment through adaptive reuse project.

UNMH Pediatric Care Center

By using prefab interiors, vivid wall graphics, and interactive surfaces, this once clinical environment gave way to an atmosphere that exudes positivity and comfort, catering to the well-being of both children and their caregivers.

US Army Building Modernization

In just 7 months from contract award to certificate of completion, this space was transformed from a defunct, disorganized old office to a mission-driven functional workspace designed to enforce camaraderie amongst and productivity of these warfighters.