We started as a shelving company over forty years ago. It wasn’t long before we realized that installing shelves wasn’t doing enough to solve our clients’ problems. Because the real problem wasn’t just a need for places to put things. It was needing to create efficiency. Or cut construction time in half. Or stretch the lifespan of a building. Or speed up workflow.

It was about time.

Space and time are integral partners, both relying on the other to dictate how people work, learn, and move. By radically aligning spaces, technology and the people who use them, we began to make time an ally to our clients rather than their enemy.

But we couldn’t do that for others without first applying the same principles to our own company. By aligning the right talent, experience and values, we created a team that is greater than the sum of its parts, but only because each and every part is uniquely gifted, passionate, and visionary.

Together, we are Improve Group.


The shortest distance between two points isn’t always distance.

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What if your rooms could save as many lives as your doctors?

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It’s time our buildings elevated what’s possible.

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