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You’re looking for something more than a job; the opportunity to make a difference in something larger than yourself. You’ve surpassed key career milestones and are looking for your next big thing to conquer. You understand “we” before “I” and are an expert at accountability. You’re looking to work with a highly skilled team from a variety of backgrounds that brings unique insights to every situation. You’re looking for a company that works hard, has fun and values its people above all.

You’re a strategic, structured leader. You’re systems-minded, and you’re part of the team. You’re a seasoned general who knows how to sell. You aren’t afraid of taking smart risks, and are always on the lookout for the next adventure. You’re an expert at implementing structure, and have developed a set of tried-and-true approaches for managing a successful team. You know how to scale a business by building sales systems that drive accountability, while recruiting and building a reliable team.


Recruit, onboard, train, and coach sales and business development people. Current military sales managers and sales reps will report to you. You’ll evaluate the current sales structure and build plans to evolve the structure to match market conditions and the customer needs. You’ll also increase the competence and caliber of the sales team to continue our growth trajectory.

Develop an ongoing growth plan, including sales growth targets, market expansion (geographic and vertical) and expansion of the product and service offering.

Evolve sales operations to the changing needs of the military. Draft job descriptions, and develop policies to ensure that projects move quickly through the entire pipeline. Work closely with the other teams in the company in order to innovate solutions with agility.

Develop and maintain key sales partnerships with alliance partners, prime vendors, and others. Our growth is largely attributed to our ability to build strong partnerships, and a key to success in this position includes developing and maintaining connections across the defense market.

Implement and maintain a sales accountability system that drives rep performance and maintains the sales pipeline/goals. You’ll develop and implement sales goals, and a philosophy and method for growing opportunities in defense.

Manage the sales forecasting process in partnership with finance to ensure accurate visibility of future company performance. Translate forecasts into measurements and metrics designed around what’s most valuable.

Evaluate how technology can be used to speed the sales process, enable sales reps to be more efficient, and better serve our customers. This will require working closely with Marketing to develop integrated account targeting/nurturing strategies and work with Operations to ensure smooth project management and project estimating.

Participate in leadership team functions, including developing the strategic direction of the company, developing cross functional initiatives, and shepherding the culture of the company as we continue to grow and expand.



This journey isn’t for everyone, but for the right person this position represents the perfect balance of entrepreneurial risk and stability, and a work environment that is equal parts challenging and adventurous.

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