Human performance.
Not just athletic performance.

War fighting isn’t a sport. The toll and strain service in the field places on our warfighters extends beyond the physical to the mental, emotional, and even spiritual. So why is there so much focus on physical performance?

Athletes aren’t the same thing as warfighters. Physical performance alone isn’t a good enough indicator of who will be successful in the field. Training and developing the whole person is the most dependable approach to ensuring warfighters are truly mission ready. The options for constructing human performance centers for the needs of tomorrow’s warfighters are limited.

We can up the odds that warfighters can quickly and fully graduate ready to jump into action with an approach to designing integrated human performance systems. Beginning with the end in mind, every aspect of performance centers are designed to enrich the total trainee. With physical readiness still a priority, our approach applies focus to mental health, emotional strain and recovery through integrated biometric data. Imagine knowing that failure or injury might be ahead before the trainee does. Utilizing the latest tech, reporting systems, training equipment, and space utilization, the facility practically becomes part of the training team.

This approach to developing human performance centers would usually take longer than the lifespan of the technology used; however, our approach can design and construct facilities more efficiently with less physical and mental strain. With turnkey procurement solutions, performance centers can be updated, renovated, or completed more quickly and with longer use.

What if human performance centers could not only prepare warfighters for the next mission, but for a successful career, and possibly even a healthy life after their service is complete?

The best buildings are built with the end in mind.

With the Omega Systematized Construction Process, the success of every mission is designed into each project from the very beginning. Alignment, immersive design, agile and modular construction approaches, along with strategic procurement vehicles allows for more time and effort spent focused on the mission rather than the red tape.

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