Your best intentions become self-fulfilling prophecies.

The Omega Systemized Construction Process begins by answering the one question all projects and missions should: What does success look like? Everyone will answer that question differently, which is why we seek to first align and draft the most complete picture of success for every building project based upon not only an objective, but a comprehensive viewpoint of your culture and identity. Then we begin to orient every timeline, budget, resource, construction method, and procurement vehicle around an objective that best serves the real mission at hand.

The next step is an immersive design approach utilizing metaverse-style 3D modeling where stakeholders can virtually walk through and experience spaces, resulting in more accurate estimates, and fewer surprises. Once we have a clear picture of what needs to be built, we apply our expertise in design and off-site construction methods that take less time and don’t cost any more to produce.

By first thinking about the ultimate needs and objectives of your organization and its people, we can build more cost certainty, more opportunity, and a more prosperous tomorrow—that leads to a much more successful outcome, because that’s where our process begins.

The Omega Construction Process ™

Omega Launch

Before a project is designed, we align and focus all stakeholders around the long-term organizational and operational objectives via an integrated discovery process. Most contractors, vendors, and industry partners skip (or downplay) this step and inevitably discover their lack of alignment during design, construction, or worse — operations. Building a forward-looking, integrated plan creates efficiencies in every other phase, and ultimately maximizes the value of your space.


Immersive Design

The greatest threat to a project’s timeline and budget are the many disconnects between design and construction. We take advantage of the latest in virtual reality, 3D printing, and adaptive estimating technology to create more certainty in the design and scoping phase. With Immersive Design, we reconnect stakeholder expectations and the eventual reality of a finished project.


Agile Construction

We take advantage of the latest prefabrication and modular technology to make the construction process something it never seems to be: predictable. Our construction methodology– which enjoys the advantages of the Omega Launch, Immersive Design, and the latest tech– allows us to counter the volatility of labor and commodity markets, and to execute the construction phase in escalated timeframes.


Alpha Operations

Most contractors avoid clients after ribbon cutting (something about risk and liability), but Improve Group is just getting started. We approach every project with the expectation that we will test, measure, and pivot. The flexibility of Improve Group’s modular and prefab technology opens doors to endless possibilities for maximizing value, and ensures the original business objective is always met by the built environment.