Heavy Armor Portable Rail Ramp 49456


Forward deployed Heavy Armor portable rail ramp consisting of:

modular multi-sectional ramp, modular multi-sectional rail line protective mat with integrated rail mat stacking crates and two 20ft TAA approved shipping containers.  Ramp has load capacity of 93.5 short tons and capable of on and off loading the full range of current and future US and NATO armored and wheeled vehicles.  The Ramp and Protective Rail Mat works with EU rail cars and fits on both standard and broad gauge rail systems.  The Ramp shall be comprised of 11 main sections, with an individual dimension longer than 98in and each section weighing no more than 2,500lbs per section.  Interlocking Ramp Sections slide into place without the aid of bolts, chains or assembly hardware of any kind.  Ramp sections are designed to be lifted into place by a 4K forklift or less and be capable of a two man assemble in 3-hours or less. 12 meter Rail Line Protective Mat has a sectional design and a bolt-free assembly rated at 85-short tons.  The Ramp is capable of operating at port rail terminals and can be employed off the back of a rail car by an Atlas loader during in-extremis contingency operations in order to support distributed armor operations.  TEN YEAR WARRANTY.


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