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Project Manager

You’re looking for something more than a job; the opportunity to make a difference in something bigger than the usual construction project. You’ve played the traditional project manager game and are looking for the next big thing to conquer. You’re a strategic thinker but haven’t had the chance to be strategic. You’re a problem solver but get bogged down in chains of command. You’re an expert delegator and collaborator. You enjoy people and have a knack for bringing out their best.

You know that to get a project built, a company needs a creative, problem-solving PM who has the autonomy to make decisions on the ground. You’re looking for a company that vests its project managers with more authority and more tools to get projects done faster.


IG Project Managers drive the successful planning, implementation and support of a wide variety of construction projects, many of which utilize state-of-the-art modular construction products and customized storage solutions for military and DOD applications. Project Managers help develop comprehensive project plans for each project, then coordinate, track, and drive the efforts of all teams involved (internal and external partners) to project completion while providing ongoing clarity to the customer regarding the status of their project. Frequent travel is expected, and highly accommodated. Specifically, you will:

Conduct pre-proposal scope reviews and prepare product submittal packages. You will review scope with design leads to confirm full coverage prior to issuing a proposal to the sales team, during which you will review subcontractors/vendors selected, ensuring adequate proposals have been received and that all scope items are accounted for in the estimate. You will also build detailed product submittal packages and formal submittal documents (with help from the design team) and submit them for client approval before POs are issued to vendors.

Schedule and conduct all necessary pre-construction meetings. You will be responsible for facilitating meetings prior to construction such as informational meetings with the designer and sales rep, a site visit with the client, and a kickoff meeting with key team members.

Perform regular site visits. You will conduct regular travel to project sites for check-ins or closeout as the complexity of each project requires, and prepare necessary reports related to such visits. IG aims to maintain an onsite presence during all installations.

Manage Gantt schedules and project financials. You will create Gantt schedules for each project and maintain them on a weekly basis to ensure timely delivery of scope and, as a result, drive customer satisfaction. Simultaneously, you will develop and track project budgets based on bid sheet and labor estimates to ensure each project is completed within original cost estimates.

Manage product orders, deliveries, and related logistics. You will coordinate with relevant team members to track all orders and delivery dates, which includes incorporating critical path items into Gantt schedules.

Know the status of every project, and strategically guide projects to completion. You will coordinate daily check-ins and weekly status meetings with an on-site supervisor and/or implementation teams to always be informed of a project’s status and report accordingly. As challenges and changes arise, you will strategically guide projects through to completion.

Closeout successfully completed projects. As projects near completion, you will perform and all necessary quality assurance/quality control measures before leading clients in final walkthroughs. You will prepare project closeout packages to issue to clients and internal team members. Project closeouts include photography of the finished job, submission of job costing reports, and resolution of all warranty issues.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • 5+ years’ experience in managing construction or similar projects
  • Experience in construction estimating practices
  • Experience in conducting complete project scope reviews
  • Ability to manage and maintain project schedules
  • Ability to work in various software programs or systems in order to get the job done
  • Ability to drive projects and project teams forward even when conditions are uncertain
  • Ability to adapt to managing projects that range beyond the traditional construction scope
  • Experience working in and designing for secure government environments is a plus
  • Previous military experience a plus


This journey isn’t for everyone, but for the right person this position represents the perfect balance of entrepreneurial risk and stability, and a work environment that is equal parts challenging and adventurous.

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