Special Warfare human performance center

From Abandoned Cafeteria to Cutting-Edge Human Performance Center.

The Special Warfare Training Wing (SWTW) at JBSA-Lackland is responsible for all Air Force Special Warfare Operator training. Leadership at the SWTS believes it has a great responsibility to improve warfighter performance and reduce injury for every Airman that enters its doors.

In 2017, the SWTW was experiencing a great need for a new Human Performance Facility to support the complex, demanding training necessary to produce Airmen that meet the requirements of a complex mission set.

Special Warfare Training Wing Human Performance Center 


San Antonio, Texas

Facility Size:

20,000 SQ FT

The Wing had a strong vision but lacked the demanding amount of time and easily accessible money to bring the project to fruition. Improve Group was brought in to ensure speed-to-completion by assisting the SWTW in renovating the former dining facility that would be transformed into the new HP center, all while avoiding traditional construction slowdowns and procedures.

Completed in just under 9 months, this abandoned cafeteria was converted into a mission-focused HP facility.

The facility includes workout spaces, rehabilitation, physical therapy rooms, offices, and a variety of support spaces, all with integrated technology. Custom graphic wall tiles were also installed to motivate trainees using the space, and as visual teaching tools for physical therapists as they worked on trainees and helped them recover from injuries. The facility combines aesthetics not normally seen in a military setting with the all requirements essential to a clinic setting. And through the utilization of flexible, systemized construction methods, the space will continue to be able to adapt as the unit grows.