Your Cadre’s best teaching aide could be their classroom.

Time constraints weigh heavy on the mind of every instructor. They’ve experienced the pressures of graduating well-trained students first-hand and the last thing they want to do is send out unprepared warfighters, or risk the ripple effect that delays can have. What stands between them and their mission to educate is often the very space they’re assigned to teach within.

It may be a lot to hope that the smartest person in the room could be the room itself, but it’s our belief that the spaces we learn within should be more than passive monuments to education. Our learning spaces are designed to integrate the latest in immersive technologies with flexible, modular systems so that a single classroom can perform the functions of multiple classrooms. Medical training, operational planning, survival training—no matter the subject, our approach to learning spaces can help ensure that once information enters through one ear of your students, it doesn’t exit the other.

Our unique procurement vehicles and construction methodologies allow for the modernization of learning spaces quicker and easier, without having to deal with lengthy construction processes. By removing the old way of thinking about learning spaces, we can also eliminate the excuses that get in the way of mission readiness and open the path to better educated and more prepared warfighters.

The best buildings are built with the end in mind.

With the Omega Systematized Construction Process, the success of every mission is designed into each project from the very beginning. Alignment, immersive design, agile and modular construction approaches, along with strategic procurement vehicles allows for more time and effort spent focused on the mission rather than the red tape.

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