If target practice doesn’t make your heart race,
you’re doing it wrong.

Adrenaline rushing, heart racing, everything’s on the move, you can’t afford to miss. There’s nothing like a well-designed
firing range to more closely mimic mission or combat conditions. And yet, so many rely on static, paper targets in
non-dynamic environments.

With integrated technology such as automatic shot accuracy and shot timing systems, coach’s boxes for film review and even wheeled target drones, each minute of precious range time moves warfighters closer to combat-readiness. Our interconnected range systems allow for biodata tracking to correlate variables like heart rate, nutrition or recovery with metrics such as accuracy, movement through a tactical training course or shot count. We can also augment live range time with VR training, allowing students to train in immersive real-world scenarios and further improve their combat readiness. And our procurement systems make it easier than ever to integrate these capabilities into an already existing range.

The most critical element of the range is the person squeezing the trigger. Make sure they are ready for real combat scenarios before they ever have to step foot in a combat zone.

The best buildings are built with the end in mind.

With the Omega Systematized Construction Process, the success of every mission is designed into each project from the very beginning. Alignment, immersive design, agile and modular construction approaches, along with strategic procurement vehicles allows for more time and effort spent focused on the mission rather than the red tape.

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