Today’s threats call for today’s technology.

A digital war requires a different type of fortress and a different perspective on their creation. As the technology available to the world advances, so do the threats to the sensitive information that keeps our country safe. Gone are the days when battles were waged in bunkers and trenches, replaced by a constant onslaught of invisible enemies attacking through ones and zeroes. Our secure facility solutions ensure combat units and equipment can be safely deployed in austere operational environments where security is top priority.

The design, construction and accreditation of SCIFs and SAPFs is an arduous process, and attempting to do so without deep knowledge of the necessary specifications and requirements, or trying to go through traditional construction methods would be like trying to propel a battle ship with a paddle. Thankfully, new construction technology has greatly impacted the speed and efficiency of building these facilities.

Our extensive experience with SCIFs and SAPFs, along with our ability to either renovate existing space or deliver turnkey container units equals a more agile solution to a problem with ever-increasing complexity. Technologies such as intrusion detection systems, or the integration of simulators and VR can also operate within the secure environment. All while dramatically reducing overall timeline and costs when compared to other, more traditional construction methods. In addition, our approach allows for flexible reorganization of the space without the need for re-certification, meaning less downtime and a more functional secure facility.

Our secure facility capabilities are made possible through our partnership with Adamo Security Group

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The best buildings are built with the end in mind.

With the Omega Systematized Construction Process, the success of every mission is designed into each project from the very beginning. Alignment, immersive design, agile and modular construction approaches, along with strategic procurement vehicles allows for more time and effort spent focused on the mission rather than the red tape.

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