NM Dept. of workforce solutions Tiwa Building

Using the Old to Build the New

Government buildings often find themselves victims of bureaucracy when it comes to renovations and upgrades. State employees in the Tiwa Building in downtown Albuquerque were feeling the effects of slow government in their aging building that hadn’t been renovated since the late ‘70s, despite the innumerable changes to workplace requirements since then. The staff have faced immense hurdles over the past few years thanks to the pandemic, including attracting and retaining talent, which had proved challenging in their aged facility.

NM Dept of Workforce Solutions Tiwa Building


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Facility Size:

60,458 SQ FT

Working as part of the Yearout Energy team, Improve Group was brought in as an integrated construction and design partner that could utilize modular construction technology to complete comprehensive interior renovations and upgrades. The team was able to secure an innovative procurement method (Energy Savings Performance Contracting) to deliver the project in far less than the anticipated time and at a 45% lower cost.

This project was delivered at a 45% lower than anticipated cost.

The Tiwa building was able to retain its historic exterior while its interior was completely modernized to fit the needs of a modern workforce with agile construction methods and materials that will be far easier to change in the future as the needs of the tenants evolve.