When done right, buildings will build better businesses. But to do so requires an integrated approach; a process in which every timeline, budget, resource, construction method, and procurement vehicle is oriented around the culture, mission and objectives of the organization. From classrooms to war rooms, it’s about time spaces worked harder for the people inside them.

Federal Credit Union Headquarters

The largest local bank in New Mexico wanted to bring its team together in one space that could pivot with its ever-changing business needs to better serve its members and communities.

New Mexico United Training Facility

Systemized, construction materials including modular interiors (DIRTT) and a prefabricated building envelope (ZS2) were utilized for their speed and flexibility, and were also cost-comparable to traditional onsite-built construction methods.

Special Warfare Training Wing Human Performance Center

Completed in just under 9 months, this abandoned cafeteria was converted into a mission-focused HP facility. The center includes workout spaces, rehabilitation, physical therapy rooms, offices, and a variety of support spaces, all with integrated technology.

Verus Research Electromagnetics Laboratory

To support its continuing growth, Verus Research needed to build a world-class electromagnetics laboratory. Verus found a way to adaptively reuse what once was a big box store in Albuquerque that had been left vacant for years.

APS Bus Depots

APS was able modernize an existing space for one depot and build ground-up for another. The modular interior system implemented at both locations gave it the flexibility to express its culture and mission and manifest a consistent, bright vibe across the two facilities.

Air Force Special Warfare Training Range

This entire space was designed and constructed in less than 1 year by utilizing our integrated Omega Construction Process. Following the introduction of the ACTION Range, Air Force Special Warfare witnessed a 65% improvement in exercise completion time.

Rio Rancho Public Schools Student Success Center

This newly designed facility was ready to welcome faculty and students in just 65 days from Improve Group’s arrival on-site to certificate of completion.

Special Warfare Training Wing Facility Modernization

The SWTW was moved to several outdated, deteriorating buildings that would not suit their needs without extensive renovations.

Tierra Adentro of New Mexico Charter School

These prefab interiors enabled TANM to speed up construction, but even more importantly, it provided an alternative funding mechanism that enabled it to finance the building interior separately, giving the school the means to fully afford the otherwise costly undertaking.