UNMH Pediatric Care Center

Providing a comfortable & cheerful environment for young patients at UNMH

The mission of this project was to transform the University of New Mexico's Pediatric Care Center into a vibrant, welcoming place for children and their families who utilize its services.

By using prefab interiors, vivid wall graphics, and interactive surfaces, this once clinical environment gave way to an atmosphere that exudes positivity and comfort, catering to the well-being of both children and their caregivers.

University of New Mexico Pediatric Care Center


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Facility Size:

4,800 SQ FT

The whimsical drawings were specifically designed to calm children waiting for their appointments, starting in the lobby and continuing all the way through to the exam rooms.

The walls were also made to be writeable, allowing the children to focus on creative expression and not the apprehension that comes with waiting at the doctor’s office.

This comprehensive renovation spanned 4,800 sq ft throughout the entire clinic, including administrative spaces, waiting rooms, and exam rooms. The center also had to remain open for the duration of the renovations, requiring the team to be especially strategic and careful to execute the upgrades with the fewest interruptions possible.

Thanks to our project partners: Design Plus and Jaynes

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