US Army Building Modernization

Transforming Mission Success: From Defunct Office to Mission-Driven Workspace

This Army battalion comprised of highly trained soldiers ready to accomplish the very toughest missions were working out of an extremely outdated facility that was not living up to their needs. The building was in grave disrepair and in great need of modernization to support their mission set.

Improve Group was brought in to fully renovate this existing 1,800 sq ft facility. The space now features a spacious conference room that comfortably seats 30, a blend of private offices and collaborative workspaces, a heritage room and a lunch area.

US Army Building Modernization


Southeastern US

Facility Size:

1,800 SQ FT

Timeline from Onsite to Completion:

7 Months

Individual lockers and writeable surfaces were installed throughout, along with all new mechanical systems, HVAC, flooring, and paint.

In just 7 months from contract award to certificate of completion, this space was transformed from a defunct, disorganized old office to a mission-driven functional workspace designed to enforce camaraderie amongst and productivity of these warfighters.