The new
building you
need might
not be a new
building at all.

The average MILCON process to construct a new facility takes seven years to complete. How long is your mission? Many times servicemen and women find themselves operating in facilities that weren’t designed for their current needs. Long construction timelines and navigating red tape can ensure that the building is always years behind the needs of the mission. That’s unacceptable.

It might be that the solution isn’t a new building, but a better fitted one. There will never be a perfect building, but there can be more optimized spaces—in less time. Upgrading and remodeling can orient the building to the needs of the people it was designed to serve well before those people move on to their next assignment.

Our unique approach to procurement can turn offices, hangers and training spaces from a burden on your unit to a mission enabler. We can improve finishes, integrate technology, upgrade furniture, and even reconfigure how space is used while maintaining the secure spaces that are so often critical in these types of projects.

Building modernization solutions can remove the difficulty of funding such a project, and expedite the renovation and your goals for the space, ultimately leading to a more functional, harder working space.

The best buildings are built with the end in mind.

With the Omega Systematized Construction Process, the success of every mission is designed into each project from the very beginning. Alignment, immersive design, agile and modular construction approaches, along with strategic procurement vehicles allows for more time and effort spent focused on the mission rather than the red tape.

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